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RDI consultant (USA), Counselor, Emotionally focussed therapist (USA) , Corporate Trainer

Anu is a genuinely people’s person! She just loves chatting with folks from all walks of life, hearing their stories and dreams. Life's hustle and bustle! She embraces it. And those sweet, quiet moments!! She cherishes those too.

But what really lights up her world? Spending time with her family — her hubby, daughter, and their adorable trio of pets. They're her heart and joy. It's just all about those cozy family moments for Anu.


Anu wears many hats — she's a counsellor, a trainer, and an RDI consultant. Her journey in helping others and herself, began a decade ago when she stepped into the world of counselling. However, her path took a new turn six years ago when her daughter was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). That moment marked the beginning of her unique journey into understanding and supporting individuals with autism.

Before that, she worked with lively kids from underprivileged backgrounds. These amazing children filled her with strength and a fresh outlook on life.

Anu has also been a part of preventing child sexual abuse. She's not just a consultant; she's been right there, working in group therapy with kids who've faced such challenges. It's all about making a difference for Anu, and her experiences have shaped her into the caring and understanding professional she is today.

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