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Un-b-lock, as its name implies, focuses on the liberation of pent-up emotions, paving the way to unlock one's potential for a more fulfilling life. Aspiring to bring about a life filled with satisfaction, Un-b-lock is dedicated to fostering personal growth and well-being. We have an open-minded approach, exploring diverse modalities that have the power to bring about transformative changes in people's lives.

At Un-b-lock, we offer RDI intervention to individuals on the Autism spectrum by training parents to work with their child. We believe in inclusiveness and hence our counseling services are not only limited  to Neuro-typicals but extends  to individuals on the spectrum. We understand the unique challenges faced by families impacted by autism and have tailored plans to suit the specific needs of each family. Join us on a journey towards emotional liberation and empowerment at Un-b-lock. 

Anu Gupta, our founder's  strong desire to make a meaningful difference in mental health care across various stages of life has given birth to Un-b-lock. 

About Us

What makes us stand out? Well, we're not just professionals in the field – we're a team driven by personal experiences. Autism isn't just a job for us; it's been a part of our lives, shaping our journey and making us advocates in a way that comes from the heart.

We're not here for quick fixes; we genuinely believe in creating lasting changes that bring true quality to the lives of those with autism. It's not just a belief; it's a commitment that we've carried through years of hands-on work and training.

Our dedication goes beyond words. We're not just talking about research; we're actively applying it to make a real impact. Decades of experience have fueled our knowledge and expertise, ensuring that what we advocate for is not just the right path but the best evidence-based approach.

And it's not just about expertise; it's about understanding the unique needs of each individual on the spectrum. We bring in professionals from various fields not to complicate things but to ensure a focused, tailored, and efficient approach that addresses the core challenges of autism.

Most importantly, we put families at the forefront. Why? Because we've been there ourselves. Having parents and family members leading the way means they're informed, connected, and navigating the journey alongside us. It's about achieving long-term impact and making a real difference for the millions of families affected by autism.
So, why us? Because we bring more than expertise – we bring understanding, commitment, and a personal touch to every step of this journey.

Why Us

Assisting a child in becoming a successful individual on Earth is a special and meaningful journey. It involves providing them with the tools to expand their knowledge and sense of self. Being present in these moments of growth is a privilege, and acknowledging your part in their continuous development is a gift. Without this reward, there's little to fuel our motivation in fulfilling our duties as parents.


We understand the importance for every parent to guide their child, regardless of their vulnerabilities. We appreciate the inherent and intuitive gift possessed by all parents.


Moreover, we acknowledge that all children seek growth, despite the various vulnerabilities and obstacles they may face. We advocate for this as a unique service we can provide to our children, whether they are neurotypical or born with neurological vulnerabilities.


Our focus is on a long-term perspective, aiming for the best quality of life for them. This goes beyond relationships, friendships, jobs, and marriage, prioritising, above all, their mental health.

Our Advisors
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Revolutionizing Care for kids with Special Needs 


Anu, has been such a strong, patient guide to us. The first thing she worked upon was to help us with our anxiety issues. This did the magic. We could better connect to our child. She is now much more relaxed, happy and willing to participate. We are hopeful that she will be an independent individual. Thank you Anu for this amazing RDI journey. Hoping for a long term relationship 

father of a 9 year old, Ahmedabad, India

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